Recover@home logo A monitoring solution to be used at home by people who undergo lower body orthopaedic surgery.

Recover@home is a monitoring solution to be used at home by people who undergo lower body orthopaedic surgery. It is the very first solution that uses wristband sensors to keep an eye on patients after their operation and accompanies them throughout their recovery process. By correlating objective data and subjective patients feedback, Recover@home improves the quality of care, shortens hospital stay, increases satisfaction and reduces medical costs.

The first step is to retrieve sensor data from the smartwatch of the patient and display them in real time.

Recover@home app Recover@home app Recover@home app Recover@home app

The patient only needs to carry a smartphone and a wristband. Most data are collected through the wristband, while the smartphone will compute the data and allow the patient to provide subjective feedbacks directly to the caregiver (direct communication channel) through in-app questionnaires. The solution will respect international standards for clinical and administrative data transfer between the software application named HL7 [1].

Recover@home app Recover@home app

By putting all these information together, Recover@home will be able to give precise feedback to the patient and the carer about the recovery stage of the patient. Also, it will allow the patient and carer to access at any time objective data such as the sleeping pattern, limping pattern, quantity of movement per day, vital signals (if applicable), etc.

Recover@home also aims to greatly improve the health care given to patients. By being able to record, analyse, and therefore use these different types of data in a continuous and complete way, it offers a new dimension to the health care system. Clinics will be able to correlate what happens before, during, and after a surgery, which will allow them to adjust/improve the care given (acts, tools, medications, recommendations, etc.). Moreover, with the current way of doing, there is usually an abrupt rupture when the patient has to go home. He is left alone with his questions/pains/doubts trying desperately to get answer through the phone whereas Recover@home will offer a direct communication channel between clinics/hospitals and patients.