SmartHeat logo A smart and energy saving heating system for your home that fits your needs for a pleasant living without worries.

SmartHeat  video

The SmartHeat international research project aims to provide a system that heats your home, room by room, based on the habitants' habits and preferences. The objective is to reach 30% savings in energy consumption while providing the same comfort.

The example animation above shows a user bringing and installing SmartHeat in his home. He then lives normally and while doing so, he teaches the system his preferences for heating. Not only does the system learn what temperatures he prefers, but also, for example, that the guest room is not used, and therefore is heated less.

Once some time has passed, the system will have learned to behave in harmony with the user, without complicated configuration phases.

When the user leaves his home, SmartHeat starts saving energy until a habitant comes back. Some time before, SmartHeat starts bringing the temperatures back to the preferences, providing the desired pleasant feeling the moment the habitant steps in.


The strength of SmartHeat is that the temperatures of each individual room is independent thanks to the use of smartTRV (smart Thermostat radiator valve) that controls each radiator separately. Thanks to their smart sensors and communication capabilities, all parameters are tailor made for the habitation and its occupants. In addition to that, the heating status can be checked and changed remotely.

The project's consortium is composed of 5 companies, 1 university and 2 end-user organisations. The members are based in Spain, Romania, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Each partner is responsible for different aspects of the project, according to its own expertise.


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