2012-2013. A guide for museums working outdoor and indoor.

The TaM group contributed its Android, indoor positioning and navigation expertise to the GAVI project (Guide Audio Visuel Intelligent). Conceived as a next generation museum guide to provide visitors with additional media content accessible on their smartphones. Funded by the CTI, the project also has technical innovations, such as video patching (allowing limited Wi-Fi bandwidth to share the same high quality video to multiple users at the same time). TaM was also the main integrator of all the application components provided by various partners, testing the application at both the Geneva Botanical Garden and its Museum of the History of Science.

The use of our GPM positioning system and navigation module allows the application to provide step by step directions to points of interest to visitors, whether they be services or exhibits. The use of GMA lets us display customized maps for multiple floors and outdoors. It also provides the opportunity to museum visitors of following predefined visits, thus offering museums a chance to provide predefined tours, whether permanent or seasonal. And it lets visitors access any number of other information, such as which routes to use when having limited mobility.

gavi_botanic_welcome.png gavi_botanic_map.png gavi_museum_item.png gavi_botanic_image.png