Jonathan Bertolaccini


Jonathan Bertolaccini, PhD
Project Manager
Phone: +41 22 379 00 54
Email: jonathan.bertolaccini (at

Jonathan Bertolaccini was born in 1986 in Albertville, France. He has spent almost 4 years to realize his child's dream : to become fighter pilot in the French Fleet Air Arm. Unfortunately for medical reasons he was constrained to find a new challenge.

He then decided to study Physics and Mathematics at the University, starting in Versailles, then to the University Pierre and Marie Curie, and finally to the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, where he obtained his Master degree.

He always has been interested in science and innovation, however he realized that not only Physics or Mathematics are needed to build something innovative. For him, Computer Science is the way to achieve this goal. With this in mind he found a PhD subject related to Applied Physics and Computer Science. He first had to model the dynamics of Superfluid Helium flow in complex geometry using Lattice Boltzmann Method and then create a software used by researchers of the community.

He was convinced that this first step into Computer Science was the key for making great things. He got deeper into this subject with the creation of a realtime multiplayer Android application.

Jonathan joined TaM team as a Project Manager. His teaching skills, general knowledge in science, and his modelling capabilities make him the right co-worker for partners, building the bridge between industry and university.