Welcome to TaM, the Travelling and Mobility R&D team from the University of Geneva. We are specialized on indoor positioning as well as on processing data coming from smartphone or wearable's sensors. Most of our innovative solutions are developed on Android phones. To understand the users' needs and deploy our solutions in the market, we benefit from strong links with industrial partners.

The TaM group is a member of the Institute of Services Science (ISS) and belongs to the Computer Science Centre (CUI, for Centre Universitaire d'Informatique) from the University of Geneva. Our team is today composed of PhD candidates, scientists and developers. Some of us are used to work in private companies. We have the know-how to cover the complete lifecycle of a R&D project, from its initial idea to a fully operational prototype. By using agile development methods, we combine the advantages of fast prototyping, early involvement of users, and high-quality products.