Michel Deriaz, PhD
Lab Director
University of Geneva - CUI
Battelle building A - office 220
7 Drize Rd
CH-1227 Carouge

Phone: +41 22 379 01 04

Email: michel.deriaz (at

Directions with public transports

Airport to main station: Before you cross the customs at arrival, take a free ticket (train + bus) at the TPG machine. Take then the train towards the main station (7 minutes, all trains stop at the main station).

Main station to TaM: Take tram 18 from Gare Cornavin towards Carouge-Rondeau, stop at Carouge-Rondeau, then follow instructions from to reach our building entry.

Timetable and maps:

Directions by car

The address (7 Drize) as entered in many GPS is close to our office, but not exactly in front of the right building. Once you are close, please check that will bring you directly to the parking, just in front of our office.