2013-2014. Automatic movie creation according to the behaviour and the interests of a smartphone user.


Memoways is an application that creates movies according to how a person moves. The CTI MoveYourStory project improves this tool by taking into account the behaviour and the interests of the user. This information is obtained by analysing the data produced by the different sensors of a smartphone.


The target for TaM is to add some innovative aspects to the Memoways application in order to offer a significant advantage over potential competitors. The project has three main scientific and technological objectives:

  • High quality positioning. This objective is a prerequisite for the two other ones. It consists in providing the user's current position with the best accuracy as possible, even in places where the GPS signal isn't sufficient to be correctly located.
  • Behavior detection. Based on the moves of the user and his activity recorded by the smartphone's sensors, we detect the behavior of the user as well as its current "state". For instance is he stressed, is he walking around or trying to reach a given point as soon as possible?
  • Interests detection. While the behavior detection measures and collects information about the user, the interests detection consists in "guessing" his current interests. For instance a user walking on the lakeside, is he interested by the fishes and the boats on his left, or by the shops that are on his right?